Be Simply Beautiful


At the tender age of twenty-four, Cisse (pronounced SEE-say) has already amassed a decade of experience in hair styling and her extensive practice in makeup artistry. Up and coming New York area talents routinely seek her out as both a highly respected professional and a trusted confidante. Born to a mother from Burundi (east Africa) and a father from Mali (west Africa), it's not surprising that Cisse's exposure to different cultures, ethnicities and religions is reflected in her innate ability to work with a diverse array of people and styles. Having long ago developed a critical eye for detail, Cisse has created unique looks for the likes of Kajuana Shuford, the famed Wilhelmina Agency model/actress who starred in the Broadway production of The Lion King, AdoraOm plus size model Chasity Saunders and APM Modeling Management. If further testimony to Cisse's growing acclaim is needed, she has become a mainstay with photographer MarcQuest and her work has been featured in the Young and Reckless web series, Fabego Magazine and Jones Magazine. Always casting an eye on what's yet to come, Cisse's observations of icons and trends in fashion, photography and hair/makeup artistry are the foundation of her evolving stylized blend of the past, present and future. Her passion for beauty and creativity continues to grow as her innovative interpretation of style more and more finds its way to the world's stage.

“To love beauty is to see the light” -Victor Hugo

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